Where are my Bank Accounts ?

“Personal Guide for the Family”

A list of your Assets and their location.

One of the greatest problems that Family Members have on the death of a loved one is ascertaining the location of their Assets………. ………Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies, Wills etc.
This is especially difficult where the surviving Family Member lives in a different country to the deceased.

“Personal Guide for the Family” was produced by a local Solicitor and I as a result of many experiences where we have assisted clients over the years with inheritance procedures.

For example: a widow, who is responsible for dealing with inheritance matters, after the death of her husband, only to find that there was no written record of "where" assets were, bank accounts (both in Spain and abroad), details of any wills, insurance policies etc. etc. and this lack of recorded information caused considerable additional distress and took a great deal of TIME to resolve!!! 

We’ve had to go through copious letters, files and bank statements to track down the latest communications in an effort to trace all the relevant information, whereas - if the details (simple details of contact and numbers ) had been in a recorded list, the whole distressing matter would have been so much easier to complete.

I have no doubt whatsoever that many valuable Assets of a deceased relative have never been found because neither their existence nor their location was known.

A Where can I get a copy of “ Personal Guide for the Family” ?

“ Personal Guide for the Family” is a 4 page form that tries to cover every eventuality.

A copy is available , FREE OF CHARGE.
Please ring and make an appointment to collect a "Personal Guide"or write to Apartado 24 Correos, 03730 Jávea and I will send you one.

All you have to do is fill in the various sections of information .

Security of this document is very important and I will be only too happy to advise you of ways of providing this in your particular circumstances.

Would your Family know where you keep your Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies?

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