The Blessing of the Animals 2011

These photographs are taken of the San Antonio Procession which starts in the old town, makes its way through the Port and back to town again, concluding in the Plaza de la Constitución, where the priest carries out the Blessing of all the animals which attend, such as rabbits, birds, dogs, cats and horses, and even a goat – as well as other animals.
The Blessing of the Animals is held in the town on the nearest Sunday to the 17th of January, each year (this date being the actual day of San Antonio de Abad), so that as many people as possible can attend the Blessing of the Animals.
Another Blessing is held the following, in the Port with more animals taking part, and then the priest, D. Joaquin Sendra, will visit the APASA Dog Pound and give a Blessing to all the animals there.

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