Building a House or Extension

Building a House.

Building a house in Spain also has different aspects which you should know about before entering any private contract, and of course, before parting with any money.

It is always easy to "sign and pay" - but are the papers correct?
Are you aware of all the circumstances? does the "vendor" really "own" the land which you are going to buy?

Also - important point to remember - when you purchase the land first, and then build a house for example,……

YOU are responsible, because……..

YOU are the owner of the land, and anything done in connection with the building, permits, papers etc., are …………

YOUR responsibility - not the Agency, not the Promoter, not the Builder !!!

YOU are the one who will be approached, if anything is wrong, or needs doing - the Town Hall will contact you to solve and /or sort out any requirement that may be needed in the planning department etc.



Spanish Law now states the obligation of having a "Certificate of Insurance" for your ‘construction’ which is an important requirement.
It is to guarantee security of the correct building of the property according to the project, and this "Certificate" will be required by the Notary, and Registrar, in the case of the " Deed of the Declaration of Building", when the "Final Certificate of Building" is issued by the Architect and Surveyor, who are the Technical Direction over the building.

WITHOUT this Certificate, it will not be possible to conclude and register this relevant Deed.

Building an Extension ?

Renovating ?

Building a New Extension? Reforming an Existing Property ?

When wishing to extend an existing house, it is very important first of all to ensure that the area of your land will allow more density of volume to be built on to your existing property.
Check first with the Town Hall “BEFORE” making any commitment.
Ensure that you choose a reputable builder and Architect, whether it be a small job or a large house— it is very important that you deal with professional and reputable people to ensure a safe and correct new build.
The Solicitor will also play an important part here, to ensure that all the work engaged is reflected clearly in a contract to be signed by the property owner and the builder.

BEWARE of unqualified builders who promise you lower quotes– they may not be legally registered!
REMEMBER that YOU are responsible for what happens on YOUR land…….

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