Change Address

What do I have to do if I change my Address?

It is the obligation of any Resident in Spain to inform the authorities of any CHANGE OF ADDRESS.
It has come to my notice on many occasions, when dealing with British clients who are resident, that when they move either from one town to another one, or within the same town, to a new address - their documents still state the old address.
The Registry Certificate should be regularised - with the new address.
For the Jávea area, overseen by the Denia Police who provide the Registry Certificate in question, the client can visit the Denia Documentation Office and make a new application for a new Registry Certificate to be issued to reflect the correct details - for requirements please consult the MENU heading RESIDENCY and read through the subsection “Requirements for a Registry Certificate.

This leads me to mention that if you move home, you will have to change the documentation regarding any vehicles (if applicable):
Car ownership card (Permiso de Circulación)
Driving licences too! and do not forget to tell your insurance company too. When submitting paperwork for change of address officially, on car ownership documentation, the corresponding Traffic authorities will then inform the corresponding Town Halls of the change of address for road tax purposes.
You also need to inform Hacienda (the Spanish Treasury) of your change of address – it is very important to ensure that the Tax Office/Treasury have your TAX ADDRESS clearly recorded and make sure that you receive any mail that may be sent to you at this address … . if you have an unreliable address where you live, then make arrangements to have a private Post Box or an “Apartado” at the Post office and make sure the AUTHORITIES know this address.

Please remember: It is the obligation of the Resident to make sure that his/her documents are in order, to avoid problems and confusion for both the Resident and the official authorities!

I am aware that the bureaucracy in Spain is far from easy - but we, as foreigners, can help to follow the systems they DO have. Let us help them to keep their records straight - by playing by the rules!

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