What is a "COPIA SIMPLE"

(Simple Copy) ?

This is the simple copy of the Notarial document which you sign, given to you at that very same time - it could be a Deed, Power of Attorney, Will etc. In the case of “Deeds” the copia simple is merely proof of the document having been signed, but has no “officially registered” value, until registration has been carried out.

What is a “Copia Autorizada”

(Authorised copy)?

This is the official (authorised) copy of the Notarial document and, in the case of Deeds, provided this document bears all the Stamps, the Deeds should have been duly registered in the Property Registry. In the case of other Notarial documents such as a Power of Attorney, for example, the “copia autorizada” is the official copy which bears the signatures of the Notary down the side margin and stamp with signature at the end of the text

What if I have a Mortgage?

In the case where you purchase with a mortgage, it is usually the Bank who hold the "Copia Autorizada", until such time as the mortgage is paid.
You will only hold a "Copia Simple" for your records.

Where is the Notario's Office?

There are THREE Notary Offices in Javea………
The 'Town' Notary Office

D. Antonio J. Jiménez Clar
Calle Historiador Chabas 1. 1ª
03730 Jávea.
(Thiviers area of Jávea)
Tel. (00 34) 96 579 05 04
Fax. (00 34) 96 579 44 05
The Arenal / Beach Notary Offices

D. Juan Luis Millet Sancho
Avda. Del Pla 128,
Centro Comercial IV, Pl. 1ª
03730 Javea
Tel. (00 34) 96 646 33 53
Fax. (00 34) 96 646 30 28 (this Notary office is located above the Optica Natura shop)


D. Luis Aparicio Marban
Centro Comercial Arenal, Despacho (office) 1, 14
Avda. del Pla 126
03730 Jávea
Tel. (00 34) 96 646 22 80 & (00 34) 96 579 05 12
Fax. (00 34) 96 579 38 79 (This Notary office is above the Irish Pub and Bankia)

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