Property Registry Office

What is a “Nota Simple Informativa”?

(Informative sheet)

This is an informative sheet which is issued by the Property Registry to show the
registered owner(s) of the property, and will also show any charges, mortgages,
encumbrances which may be registered.

How do I obtain a “Nota Simple”?

By visiting the competent Property Registry office *, completing and signing a form with all the relevant details of the owner, address, and registration details, ie. volume, book, sheet, property number, and inscription number. Please note that there is a small fee to be paid and the Nota Simple can be collected in a few days time with the payment.

Not every town has a Property Registry office -the Authorised Copy of the Deeds of the property of interest should reflect “which” Property Registry is competent over that particular property (usually in a nearby town/city.)

Where is the Property Registry Office in Javea ?

In Jávea, there are two Property Registry Offices: The Property Registry (no. 2.) which is the property registry office for Jávea properties is in Calle Historiador Chabas no. 1, on the first floor with the door directly opposite to the Notary office of D. Antonio J. Jiménez Clar. The Property Registry office (no. 1.) which is the property registry office for properties in Teulada, Benitachell, Gata, Lliber and Senija is in the same street of Calle Historiador Chabas, but with no. 2, on the first floor, only a few minutes walk from the Property Registry office of Jávea.

Registro de la Propiedad no. 1 is for Teulada, Benitachell, Gata, Lliber and Senija
The Registrar is Sr. D. Carlos E. Olavarieta Jurado
Tel. No. (00 34) 96 579 23 91 & Fax No. (00 34) 96 579 64 69

Registro de la Propiedad no. 2 is for Jávea.
The Registrar is Sr. D. José Ignacio Barona Fleta
Tel. No. (00 34) 96 579 23 19 & Fax. No. (00 34) 96 5794906

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