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NEW I.T.V. (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) - M.O.T. centre is now OPEN in Ondara.
Address: Pol. 2 – Partida Plá de Font, 03760 Ondara (Alicante)
Tel. 96 643 54 43 – Fax 96 643 51 62
Email: moc.vtiucric|aradno#moc.vtiucric|aradno
You must make an appointment in advance, either through their web site: (General site….. then "Centros"…..and Menu on left, "Ondara")
or by calling 902 108 368.

ITV TEST CENTRE-ONDARA…….how to get there.

For drivers living in the Jávea area, take the main road (N332) towards Ondara. On approaching Ondara, take lane to the right as if you are going to join the Motorway (do not follow the main road to Valencia) and then ensure you keep in the left lane; after a short distance in this lane, there is a division to the right Ondara (which you do not take) and a bearing left towards the west. Be careful as just after this division, you must look out for an exit to the right which takes you right up to the first roundabout. At this roundabout take the second exit on the right towards Orba and follow this road until you reach the second (large) roundabout. Take the fourth exit, towards Orba, carry on until you reach the third roundabout. Driving around the roundabout do not follow directions to Orba anymore, but take the second exit to the right which is marked the ITV (MOT) centre.

ITV TEST CENTRE-ONDARA…….the procedure.

On entering the ITV centre place your car in one of the lanes available, park and then go to the office to show your papers (Technical Data Card known as the FICHA TECNICA and the Driver Licence Card known as the PERMISO DE CIRCULACIÓN). At this moment you are asked to pay the fees – the amount varies according to the type of vehicle, for example a small car is 50.94 euros (07-04-2011). The clerk will provide you with a sheet of paper together with your car papers and you then need to go back to your car to wait in queue in the corresponding lane (usually no. 2 and no. 3, if in doubt, ask) until your turn for the inspection of your vehicle.

The inspector will ask you for the FICHA TECNICA and the sheet of paper provided to you by the office clerk and you are instructed to put the car through the various tests. At the end of the tests, you must take your papers back to the office to obtain an official paper from the ITV centre and the corresponding stamp on the reverse side of your Ficha Tecnica, showing either “FAVORABLE” (your car passed the test) or showing “DESFAVORABLE” (your car failed - the reasons will be indicated to you). In the latter case, you are given a period of time to repair the fault/s and then return to the ITV centre again to get the final approval.

Once approved, you are given an adhesive label which you should place on the windscreen which should be easily visible for the traffic authorities.


Calle Salvador Salvá, 6
03730 Jávea
Web site:


It is now possible to renew your Spanish Driving Licence with the Policlinica CUME in Jávea.
You only need to take your Identification document (ID document or passport as well as the Residence Card or green Registry Certificate) as well as the Driving Licence which requires renewal.
It is not necessary to take photographs with you – CUME takes the relevant photographs with the “webcam” and send them directly to the Traffic Authorities.

Please note that CUME attend to the renewal of driving licences on THURSDAY from 16.00h to 21.00h only.


Are you buying a car from a private buyer? … Are you buying a car from a Garage and offering your car in part-exchange? … Are you going to sell your car to a Garage? … Do you wish to scrap (cancellation the registration) of your car due to age or a write-off of your car due to an accident?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES – then please take into account the words of advice in this article. Procedures should be followed to ensure a safe and correct procedure, whether you sell a car to a private buyer or part-exchange your car with a garage, whether you sell your car to a Garage, or even when you scrap the car due to the age or a write-off caused by an accident - Remember to complete the correct paperwork to ensure YOUR NAME as owner is duly cancelled with the Traffic Authorities!

It is important for YOU to ensure that the transfer is done correctly!

Remember that YOU are the legal owner of the car and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that when you sell or scrap your car, the documentation is correctly registered with the Spanish Traffic Authorities (Ministerio del Interior – Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico).

Private Purchase and Sale procedure:
In the event of a private sale, in order to transfer the Vehicle correctly from your name to the buyer, it is important to complete a purchase and sale contract (contrato de compraventa) which reflects all details such as the date of the sale, names of vendor and buyer, etc. To do this, visit a local Gestoria (the Gestor is qualified to process the transfer of ownership) and ask what paperwork is required to draw up the contract for you (and the buyer) and oversee the correct transfer of ownership of the car.

The Gestor will control the transfer of ownership of the car with the Traffic Authorities and, on completion of the official paperwork, will issue the new buyer with a “Justificante” (an official receipt which enables the buyer/new owner to drive for 30 days). During this time, before the expiry date of this “Justificante”, the official paperwork is processed by the Traffic Authorities duly cancelling your name as owner and registering the buyer as the new owner, finally sending the official documentation to the Gestoria, to give to the new owner change of ownership of the car. If, for some reason, the paperwork takes longer, then it is important to liaise with your Gestor so that he/she issues a new “Justificante” for a further 30 days, so that you have your documentation in order until such time as the new “Permiso de Circulación” (Car Ownership Docuent) is issued in the name of the buyer/new owner.

Procedure of a part-exchange or sale of your car to a Garage:
It is very important to ensure that a Purchase and Sale Contract is completed when you part-exchange your car to buy another car through a Garage, even when you sell your vehicle to the Garage – DO BE CAREFUL! You must ensure that you complete the correct paperwork with the Garage. Do insist that the Garage provides and completes a Purchase and Sale Contract which reflects all details of the date, vendor and garage (when the garage buys the car!) - so that you have proof of the sale.

BEWARE: There are occasions when the Garage will “take” or “buy” your vehicle, paying you the agreed price, taking your car and paperwork from you … . but it may result that the Garage waits until they sell your car. It may be that “your” car is eventually sold, a considerable time later. Only then, when the car is sold, does the Garage process the official transfer of ownership (from you) to the new buyer with the Traffic Authorities! This means that “YOU” are still the registered owner with the Traffic Authorities, and therefore, until they are provided with new details, YOU are considered the owner of that vehicle!

It is therefore important for the purchase and sale contract to include all details of the purchaser, seller and car and date, should it be necessary for you to PROVE that the car was sold or given in part-exchange, and therefore not in your possession, this will help serve as evidence for you.

After the transfer procedure has been completed, it is the Traffic Authorities who officially inform the Town Hall, where the road tax was being paid, of the new details (the purchase, the sale, the cancellation …..) so that the Town Hall can then officially update their records recording the sale, purchase or cancellation of the vehicle.

For the new owner, the Municipal car tax will then be issued (usually in the following year to the sale) to the new owner in the town where he/she resides. Remember that the first bill for road tax in the name of the new owner is usually sent to the address of the new owner (or to the notification address which has been provided to the Town Hall). Once this first car tax bill has been paid, the new owner can then make arrangements for the tax to be paid by direct debit on his/her account, if required, for the following years.

Procedure to scrap a car:

When you wish to scrap your old car due to the age of the car or because the vehicle is considered a “write-off”: Do ensure that the paperwork is duly cancelled with the Traffic Authorities.
NOW YOU CAN SCRAP YOUR CAR DIRECTLY WITH THE SCRAP YARD. First of all, make sure that the Scrap Yard is officially registered.
Make an appointment with the Scrap Yard and take your car plus the official documentation for the car namely the “Permiso de Circulación” (Ownership document) and the “Ficha Técnica” (Technical Data card), plus your passport and Registry Certificate or NIE, as only the OWNER can cancel his/her car.
If the Scrap Yard is unable to complete the BAJA (cancellation) there and then, you will be issued with a receipt and the Scrap Yard will either email the BAJA to you or, arrange for you to return and collect the paper for your safe keeping.
In the case of a car being scrapped, it is very important to ensure that the paperwork is handled correctly until the final cancellation of the registration details. It is only when the Traffic Authorities receive the official paperwork to scrap the car that they cancel the registration number details and issue an official paper called a “BAJA” (cancellation document) and then inform the Town Hall where the car is registered so that the Town Hall upgrades their records to cancel the registration details accordingly.
PLEASE NOTE: If you sold or scrapped a car some time ago and your name still appears listed with the Town Hall and/or you STILL receive car tax, this is NOT a matter for the Town Hall to sort out – it is a matter for YOU to sort out with the Traffic Authorities where YOU are still registered as the owner.
Remember that the Town Hall relies on the Traffic Authorities for any details regarding the cancellation of ownership or new registration of ownership! Whilst your name appears on their file, YOU will be sent a bill for car tax! When car tax is outstanding for some time, beware, the Town Hall can put a charge on your bank account, vehicle etc….
If you have sold OR scrapped a car and you are not sure whether you are still the registered owner, or not - then visit your Town Hall to find out whether your name is still recorded – hopefully your name is no longer registered for the car you sold or scrapped.
If your name still appears as an “active owner” (not cancelled), then the official transfer of ownership or cancellation has NOT been completed! Do not delay, sort the matter out immediately.
REMEMBER: Whilst the car continues to be registered in the name of an owner, i.e. the transfer of purchase or cancellation has NOT been completed, the Town Hall will continue to issue CAR TAX notifications, until such time as the TRAFFIC AUTHORITIES are informed of the change of details, and they, in their turn, inform the Town Hall(s) involved.
*PLEASE REMEMBER: If you sell your car privately, part-exchange your car with a garage to buy another car, or sell your car to a garage, even when you wish to scrap your old car ….. remember to ensure that the correct paperwork is completed!
YOU are responsible and it is up to YOU to ensure your name is cancelled correctly within the records of the Traffic Authorities. It is up to YOU to ensure that the correct official paperwork completed – when buying or selling your car privately, do carry out the procedure with an official Gestoria, to ensure correct procedures are followed!
** I have known cases where an owner, who sold his car to someone privately without completing the official paperwork, trusted the buyer to complete the necessary procedure! Later … to his horror, he received a fine for speeding from the Traffic Authorities, when he no longer was in possession of his car! He then had the dreadful task of trying to ”prove” that the car had been sold and he was not responsible for this fine!! … . Just imagine a case when you do not complete a contract and the correct transfer of ownership and your car is involved in an accident where someone is injured… . . whilst the car remains in YOUR name… . . you can imagine the potential serious consequences. The Traffic Authorities consider YOU as the owner and YOU are responsible for your vehicle until the change of ownership has been correctly registered!


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