N.I.E. & N.I.F

Nov 2015 update

Nowadays, the N. I. E. Certificates being issued indicate at the foot of the paper that it is valid for 3 months only. This means that the actual paper Certificate is only valid for three months. The number should be valid for ever.

Once the N. I. E. Certificate has been issued, it is advisable for the N. I. E. Holder to then be registered with the Spanish Tax Authorities. This procedure involves additional paperwork which should be prepared by a professional tax advisor or qualified solicitor…., then signed by the N.I.E. Holder and presented to the Spanish Tax Authorities, while the N. I. E. Certificate is still “valid” i.e. during the three months period after issue.

It is a matter of choice by the applicant/holder of the N. I. E. whether or not he/she wishes to register with the Spanish Tax Authorities immediately, but it should be noted that if he/she wishes to open a bank account, buy a car, rent a property, buy a house, inherit assets etc….. then the N. I. E. Certificate MUST be registered with the Spanish Tax Authorities, when the N. I. E. then becomes an N. I. F. (Número de Identificación Fiscal).

What is NIE ?

N.I.E. means "Numero de Identificacion Extranjeros"…."Foreign Identification Number".
This number is needed when purchasing a property, opening a Bank Account, buying a car and at many other times.

This Document is normally issued by your local National Police Station, however if your local National Police Station is in Denia then you need to apply at the new Police Documentation Office.

Please note that the requirements for application for an N.I.E for EU CITIZENS are different for those citizens that live OUTSIDE the EU. (Consult the Police Documentation Office or the Ministry of Interior for more details)

What is the difference between N.I.E. and N.I.F. ?

The N. I. E. stands for “el Número de Identificación Extranjero” (An identification number for a foreigner) and is issued by the "Ministerio del Interior” (Ministry of the Interior – National Police).

If it is necessary for the N. I. E. to be used for the official payment of taxes, etc. e.g. buying a property, buying a car, paying of inheritance tax, etc.) then the N. I. E. has to be officially ´converted´ into an N. I. F. (Número de Identificación Fiscal) . It is advisable to consult a qualified Tax Advisor or Tax Advisory office, so that this official procedure is carried out for you and the N. I. F. duly recorded correctly.

The N. I. E. issued today, is used for the N. I. F.

N.B. There was a period of time (1990 +) when an N. I. E. was issued and then, when an N. I. F. was required for use for the payment of taxes, etc., a “different number” was issued by the Tax Authorities. In this case, this “different number” would appear on official documentation. Therefore, if you have an N. I. E. issued many years ago, it is best to consult a qualified tax advisor or tax advisory office to check if this (old) N. I. E. can be converted into a N. I. F. with the same number, or not.

What do I have to do to get an N.I.E. number ?


The applicant must FIRST obtain an appointment either issued by the Denia Police Documentation Office or by the Teulada Town Hall. When attending the office in Denia or Teulada to obtain your appointment, take your passport or if you request an appointment for someone else, take his/her passport. Check on the documentation required for application for an N. I. E.

To make an appointment click this link……. NIE Appointments ………… and visit the web site……..

On the web site…….Click on the coloured box on the bottom left hand side marked “N. I.E.”
Click on CITA PREVIA and follow instructions – if you are requesting a duplicate of an existing “N. I. E.” you can pay the Police fees in advance, and the web site provides you with the information to download the form, complete it, print it, to pay prior to your appointment.
The applicant needs to attend the appointment taking with him/her the official Form duly completed (Ex 15) as well as any other requirements – the application forms and requisites are indicated on the web site indicated above.

Once the fee has been paid, the applicant returns to the Police desk presenting the white copy of the receipt to the Clerk and keeping the blue copy for proof of payment. The Applicant is given the COPY of the N.I.E. Application Form duly date stamped which must be handed in when returning to Denia to collect the N.I.E. certificate. Ask the police clerk when the N.I.E. Certificate will be ready for collection.

TEULADA-MORAIRA: For N.I.E. application for UE citizens, contact has to be made with the Teulada Town Hall to make an appointment which will be issued to you for a TUESDAY MORNING ONLY. The applicant himself/herself needs to take his/her passport for identification when making the appointment. When attending the appointment, youmust take your original passport + one photocopy and one passport-size photograph (for the first application of N.I.E.). The N.I.E. Certificate is NOT is not issued immediately, you need to return to the office two weeks later to collect the document. N.B. It is NOT possible to make application for the Registry Certificate (green paper) in Teulada, this procedure must be carried out directly at the Denia Foreign Documentation office

Regarding the APPLICATION FOR N.I.E - In the case where anyone would like my assistance with the control and collection of this document, I can offer this service.

As the N.I.E number is not issued at the time but is produced at a later date, my office offers the service of "overseeing" the application, and the future collection of the N.I.E document for any applicant, should they so wish.

For any further information please contact my office,………..

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