Purchasing Property

First Visit ?

Many people who visit Spain for the first time, do not know the necessary steps which they should follow with or without an Estate Agent, Intermediary or unofficial Intermediary to be able to check that the Solicitor they choose (always recommended), covers all the points which are important when concluding a purchase and /or sale transaction.

Sign Up & Sign Off

It is important to remember that when you purchase a property in Spain, and you "sign up" with different companies for supplies of electricity, and water etc., and also the local Town Hall Rates and Rubbish departments (sometimes separate, depending on the town involved) - it is important to remember that when you sell, you also should check and "sign off" too.

This applies to your "Permission to Reside in Spain", should you be a resident who wishes to return to live in the United Kingdom, for example.

Remember that computers do not know you have left……..and the Spanish Tax office will consider you an active Resident unless you take the necessary steps to cancel all the records correctly.

Use A Solicitor !

Use a Solicitor

Check all documentation

Regarding purchase and sale of new property or re-sale property, it is ALWAYS advisable to engage the services of a Solicitor. Even when the Estate Agents, Intermediaries or unofficial Intermediaries ( who intervene without the correct credentials to intercede with property transactions) say that it is not necessary - in our wide experience of cases, this is not true!

It is very important to check the details with a Solicitor to ensure that the property you are purchasing has the correct description relating to plot area and the total construction area including external constructions e.g. garage, swimming pool etc. Also make sure that the property itself is described correctly e.g…two floors, 3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom etc.

Rare is the case when the Estate Agent monitors all the points…….. it is very difficult for any Intermediary to look after the interests of the "vendor" as well as the "purchaser" - he cannot be impartial, and several important factors come into the procedure, which affect vendors and purchasers in different ways.

Do YOU know about these important factors?
You should find out BEFORE you pay over any money or enter any written agreement ……

PREVENTION is always better than CURE!

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