If I own a property in Jávea, but I am not a resident, do I pay taxes?

In principle, the answer is YES.

If you own a property completely or a proportional part of a property, then you have the obligation to draw up a Tax Declaration and pay taxes in arrears e.g. Taxes corresponding to 2011 must be paid in 2012. PLEASE NOTE – this information only refers to property which is NOT rented out.

IF you rent your property yourself or through an agency, then there are additional obligations, e.g. taxes require declarations and/or payments within the same year as the Rental Period.

Do remember that there is different Tax Information introduced from time to time, there are different tax implications for different types of ownership, rental etc. and it is essential that you seek professional advice to ensure that you fulfil your obligations in Spain.

Do not assume – do find out.

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