The procedure regarding INHERITANCE of property or assets is another field, which my office caters for, sadly, all too often.
If you own a property……. have YOU made a SPANISH WILL?
It is essential in order to avoid the expense and delays that arise if there is no Will in place………don’t add to the grief of your family.
Put your affairs in order NOW. There are different laws that apply in Spain to those that apply in other countries.
YOU should tell your lawyers what you want……

Don’t leave it to them to try and GUESS!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Spanish Will, do ensure that the content contemplates your national Law – this is particularly important for British Citizens. Do seek advice from a qualified solicitor – either to make a new Spanish Will or to check an existing Spanish Will. It is SO important to ensure that the text is correctly drawn up so that your beneficiaries do not meet with problems at the time of your death.

Where is an Original Will, signed before the Notary, kept?

The original, signed Will is kept at the Notary office where it was signed, within their books.
The Notary then advises the central office in Madrid of the fact that a Will has been made before him/her, and gives only the name of the testator/testatrix, and the date of the Will.
The contents are kept confidential.

Can I obtain a Will from the Notary?

The official copy of the Will can only be obtained from the Notary Office in which it was signed.
In the case of the death of the Testator/Testatrix, it can only be obtained on the presentation of the official Last Will and Testament Certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice.

Would your Family know where you keep your Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies?

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